Two Copley High Sophomores Threaten to Blow Up Marching Band

The two students were taken out of class and questioned by police Friday.

Two sophomores were reported Friday morning for making "specific threats" against the school and marching band members on Facebook, according to Copley police Chief Michael Mier and Superintendent Brian Poe. The students were reported by fellow classmates.

The 15-year-olds threatened to "kill students, detonate a bomb, and to plant an explosive device at a school event," according to a press release sent out by Mier. Some of the comments were directed at Copley High Marching Band members.

The sophomores also posted pictures of a gun they said was real, but actually turned out to be a from an action figure and much smaller than it appeared online, Mier said.

The students have been charged with delinquency by reason of making false alarm and will go through Summit County Juvenile Court, Mier said.

"Copley High School administration did a tremendous job getting right on this," Poe said. "Our students were and remain safe."

Mier said detectives went to the school to question the students and talk with parents. The students were cooperative, Mier said.

When students reported the threats, Poe recorded a message that was sent to every parent in the district via phone. Principal Aaron Sable said in a letter to parents that staff searched the students' lockers and nothing illegal was found.

"We take situations like this very, very seriously," Poe said. "The staff did a terrific job and I can't say how thankful I am that students reported this."

Sable added, "I would like to personally thank and commend the individuals that brought this matter to our attention. It is their awareness and concern for all of our students and staff that has helped us to continue to maintain a safe environment. It truly does take a community to make a great school."

Sable encourages parents to monitor their child's electronic devices and social media subscriptions.

"Our students too often do not realize the impact a picture or comment can have on their lives or others," Sable said.


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