Today's Go-Getter: Adam Lampner

Adam is a fourth grader at Fort Island Primary School.

"Today's Go-Getter, Tomorrow's Leader" is a column that celebrates the children of the Copley-Fairlawn and Revere school districts. If you know an outstanding student, or have a Student of the Month in your midst, let us know. Email a photo and a description of what makes him or her great to megan.rozsa@patch.com.

We'll feature new students weekly. This week, we're honoring Adam Lampner, a fourth grade student at He is the son of Ray and Blair Lampner.

Adam's teacher, Debbie Rosso, nominated him for Student of the Month, and had this to say about her student:

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Adam Lampner as Fort Island's Student of the Month. Adam, also known as AJ, is the true model of a professional student. He is very serious about every assignment or test given in class and never give anything less than 100 percent. This attitude has allowed him to achieve excellent grades for each grading period. In spite of his success, he is always humble and kind to other students. Adam is a student that can always be counted on for his responsibility and fine citizenship. He exemplifies the Fort Island Code: Learning and Leading with Kindness and Respect. He is always eager to help anyone that needs assistance, be it a teacher or peer. If someone is feeling down, Adam can be counted on to quietly step in to cheer them up. With his agreeable disposition, he has many friends and others look forward to partnering up with him, whether it is for a big project, class work or to play a math game.

Adam enjoys being outdoors with his dog, and the rest of his family, and his curious nature allows him to explore the natural world and learn outside of his classroom walls. Adam is a pleasure to be around and his smile can put anyone in a good mood. He is a true asset to the Copley-Fairlawn City School system and I know that his combination of intelligence, character and leadership will pave the way for Adam to be a success in any endeavor he chooses in the future. Congratulations, Adam, for being a model citizen and student at Fort Island.


Great job, Adam!


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