State Grades Copley-Fairlawn Schools Excellent, Revere Schools Excellent with Distinction

Copley-Farilawn falls one category in the rankings, Revere moves up.

The Ohio Department of Education will release state report cards Wednesday and preliminary reports show  Schools and districts were rated "Excellent" and "Excellent with Distinction," respectively.

dropped a category since last year to the second highest category.

Revere's ranking rose one step to the highest state ranking.

The six designations are: Excellent with Distinction; Excellent; Effective; Continuous Improvement; Academic Watch; Academic Emergency.

Here's a portion of the metrics used to determine Copley-Fairlawn's ranking:

  • 26/26 indicators were met
  • 103.9/120 performance index
  • The district result in the Value Added category was below the state requirement -- a composite measurement of academic growth for grades four through eight over a year's time in reading and math.
  • The district did not meet the federal measure for adequate yearly progress. According to the ODE, the federal category holds districts and schools accountable for the achievement of each student subgroup, including racial and ethnic groups, low-income students, limited English proficient students and students with disabilities. The AYP measure can illustrate achievement gaps that exist in achievement between groups of students.

Here a portion of the measurements used to determine Revere's ranking:

  • 26/26 indicators were met
  • 106.9/120 performance index
  • The district result in the Value Added category was above the state requirement .
  • The district met the federal measure for adequate yearly progress.

To see how the districts ranked in every category, view the full report from the ODE on Wednesday on Fairlawn-Bath Patch.


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