Several St. Hilary, Revere Students Win Safety Calendar Poster Contest

Congratulations to all the winners!

On Oct. 30, Summit County Prosecuting Attorney Sherri Bevan Walsh announced the winners of the 2013 Safety Kids Calendar contest at an awards ceremony at the Akron-Summit Library.

Here's a list of local winners from St. Hilary School and Revere Middle School:

Rule 1: Trust yourself! Don’t give in to peer pressure.

3rd Place:  Mary Claire Reagan, 8th grade, St. Hilary School

Honorable Mention:  Claire Stock, 8th grade, St. Hilary School

Rule 4: Never play with guns!

Honorable Mention:  Shane Baumer, 6th grade, St. Hilary School 

Rule 5: Don’t smoke!

3rd Place:  Stephanie Alekna, 7th grade, St. Hilary School

Honorable Mention:  Sierra Shannon, 7th grade, St. Hilary School

Rule 6: Never give out personal information in chat rooms. 

3rd Place:  Tiarra Lucas, 8th grade, Revere Middle School

Rule 7: Don’t talk to or go with anyone you don’t know.

1st Place:  Amy Dudek, 6th grade, St. Hilary School

Rule 8: Say NO to unwanted touch!

2nd Place:  Kelly Schikowski, 7th grade, Revere Middle School

Rule 9: Never tell anyone you are home alone.

1st Place:  Elizabeth Kalal, 7th grade, St. Hilary School

Honorable Mention:  Nina Wolf, 6th grade, St. Hilary School 

Rule 10: Say NO to gangs! 

3rd Place:  Leah Espinal, 7th grade, Revere Middle School

Honorable Mention:  Rachel Reese, 6th grade, St. Hilary School


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