Revere Board Can't Certify Teacher Contracts

Administrators and teachers union work to account for proposed state budget cuts.

The School Board on Monday night could not certify a contract extension it planned for its teachers. 

Finance director said the district could lose an additional $3 million a year due to the cuts. “We are hopeful all is not lost,” Forrest said.

The original agreement was to hold teacher salaries at the present rate for three years. However, Forrest said, if the projected state cuts become reality, the planned concessions won't be enough.

Without additional cuts, Forrest said, the district could become insolvent.

The next step is likely a one-year extension for the 2011-2012- year school year. That will give the district time to see if the state cuts go forward and to know the outcome of the

Talks with the teachers union will continue, board president William Hoover said, and the board could vote on a new contract as soon as next week.

Hoover said the hitch in plans had nothing to do with relations between the district and the teachers union.

“Locally, the discussions are all positive,” Hoover said.
The district is planning on issuing a statement as soon as today.

Board members spent more than an hour in executive session before announcing the decision.

Forrest also said that when certifying the contracts, the district could not count on any anticipated money, such as funds that could come if the May 3 tax levy passes.
Superintendent Randy Boroff said the goal was to get the teachers’ contracts settled before the May 3 election.

According to sources with the teachers union, teachers favored a new contract that would have no total compensation increase for three years. Step increases, which occur statewide and are based on experience and education, would also be frozen during this period. 

Teachers would also pay a higher contribution to health care costs. In the current contract, teachers pay roughly 6 percent of health care costs. In the new contract, that number would rise to 15 percent.

Hope Weisburn April 05, 2011 at 12:55 PM
I believe there needs to be a clarification... the paragraph which includes the statement..." the district could lose $3 million a year due to the cuts...should read "the district could loose ANOTHER 3 million a year due to more proposed STATE cuts"...


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