Photos: Author Shelley Pearsall Visits Copley Middle School

The students built a "Rainbow Tetrahedron" in honor of her book "All of the Above."

Shelley Pearsall, the author of All of the Above, Crooked River, All Shook Up and Trouble Don't Last paid a visit to Wednesday to talk about writing.

To prepare for her visit, the fifth- and sixth-grade students built a "Rainbow Tetrahedron," which is a giant three-dimensional pyramid made of thousands of smaller folded paper pyramids.

"There are 21,000 individual pyramids in the structure," said librarian Bonnie Hershey. "The students folded and glued them and then we had parents come in to help build it up."

The idea to make the tetrahedron came out of Pearsall's book All Shook Up, which is based on a school in Cleveland and centers around four inner city students and their quest to set a math record by building the world's largest tetrahedron.

Pearsall, who is from Cleveland, said Copley's was the largest tetrahedron she's seen in all the school tours she's done.


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