How Do Revere's and Copley-Fairlawn's Elementary Schools Match Up?

Check out our interactive database to see how students in Revere, Copley-Fairlawn and other local districts performed on the last state report card.

As students get ready to head back to school, parents want to make sure the youngest learners are getting off to a good start.

Check to see how well your child’s elementary school performed on the 2010-2011 state report card by searching the database above. All public schools in Patch districts below the middle school level have been included. For Copley-Fairlawn and Revere, this includes , , , and schools.

Parents should note that state testing begins at the 3rd grade level. For a look at the most recent literacy levels for kindergarten students in your district, .

The database above includes each school’s overall ranking, the number of academic indicators—like 3rd grade reading scores or building attendance—that a school is eligible for and the number and percentage of academic indicators the school met. It also includes whether the building met Adequate Yearly Progress and the school’s Performance Index score. Adequate Yearly Progress relates to how well different groups of students perform on state tests, and the Performance Index is based on how well all students do on the tests. A higher index means more students scored well on the tests.

The while the state auditor investigates whether some school districts manipulated data in years past.

*The information in the above database can be found on the Ohio Department of Education's website.


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