West Market GetGo Gets Go-Ahead from Planning Commission

Giant Eagle representatives were given the OK to start developing a final site plan for a GetGo at the corner of West Market and Trunko.

Giant Eagle had one more chance to impress at Thursday night's Fairlawn Planning Commission meeting, and representatives succeeded.

Giant Eagle proposed at the corner of West Market Street and Trunko Road back in December, and the until they were finally turned down at February's planning meeting... or so they thought.

The vote at the February meeting was two for and two against the building, but Mayor William Roth said a vote has to have at least three one way or the other to count. At Thursday night's meeting, the plans passed 4 to 1. Julie Sipka voted against them.

The $2.2 million gas station will include six gas pumps and a convenience store. Giant Eagle has agreed to pay for half of the cost of widening Trunko Road to include a left turn lane, said Roth. The signal at Trunko will also be updated to include a left-turn arrow.

Giant Eagle representative Todd Waldo presented the commission with a traffic study that proved traffic in the area would not be negatively impacted now or within 20 years, which was one main concern of commission members, and the reason Sipka voted against it.

Entry to GetGo can be made as a right turn only going east on West Market, and from Trunko Road. The only exit is on Trunko.

The owners of the , the property's closest neighbor, were concerned about the noise and light emitted from the gas station. Waldo said deliveries of any kind would stop at 10 p.m. and would not begin until 7 a.m. the next day.

DoubleTree and Giant Eagle also agreed to build a noise barrier between the two properties, which would be made of masonry and evergreen trees.

"We're creating jobs here," Waldo said. "The main reason we wanted to build this is to take some of the stress off the GetGo that's farther down on Market Street."

Mayor Roth and City Council members Russ Sharnsky, Bryan Nace, Susan Sullivan and Kathleen Baum were all in favor of building the gas station.

"This is not my first choice of location for this gas station," Roth said. "But we've been working with Giant Eagle for the last six months and they've given us everything we've asked for. That property has been vacant for more than four years and, quite frankly, it's an eyesore. So we're happy to see this."

Mary Helsel April 13, 2012 at 01:01 PM
I would have voted against the Giant Eagle station in any location, but not due to traffic issues. My reason would be that the service in Giant Eagles across the county have given me nothing but frustration. It is the last store I go to because it is seldom a pleasant experience. In most cases, the people working there are few, slow, unkempt, and lack the courtesy that I do experience in the other stores. I like a clean environment for my food as well. I hope Giant Eagle will re-examine their stores and the people they hire.


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