Trunko Road Widening Behind Schedule, Should Open Before End of Month

The road was supposed to open the first week of September.

Because of problems with different utilities departments, the is running behind schedule. Fairlawn Deputy Service Director Ernie Staten gave city council an update Monday night.

The road was supposed to be open the first week of this month, but now it's looking as if it might open between the middle and end of the month, Staten said.

When crews arrived on construction day, they found that the utility department did not show up and mark lines like they were supposed to, Staten said. The company also marked a line wrong

No work could be done at the site for 17 days, Staten said, and because Trunko Road is owned by Fairlawn, the construction crew could ask the city for money to make up that down time.

"If that happens, we will go back to the utility company and tell them to pay," Staten said. "We own that property but they are at fault."

The concrete curbs were installed last week and already a base coat of asphalt has been laid. This week, Staten expects crews to finish the landscaping and add the top coat of asphalt. Signal work also has yet to be completed.

Trunko Road is being widened to accommodate increased traffic from a new A left turn lane will be added and the signal will include a left turn arrow.

Once the road is complete, Giant Eagle can demolish the former Ahern's Florist building, but Staten doesn't have a definite date for demolition.


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