Mayor Roth: City Revenues 6.2 Percent Higher Than Last Year

Mayor William Roth delivered his State of the City Address Monday

When it comes to the dark cloud of city finances, Mayor William Roth can see the silver lining.

At Monday's State of the City Address, held at the Roth said revenues for 2011 were up 6.2 percent higher than 2010, which puts the city back on 2008, pre-recession levels.

"This is very good for our city," Roth said. "Finances are a roller coaster for a lot of cities, so we're very pleased."

In terms of saving the city money, Roth announced he was able to renegotiate contracts with city unions that have a zero percent increase in health care benefits. This will save the city $110,000, he said.

"Having no increase in these times is something we're fortunate to have," he said. "(Normally) it's approximately 11 percent of the city budget."

Also, for the third year in the row, Roth has managed to set this year's budget at 2 percent less than the year before.

"We're doing more with less," Roth said. "But we're still maintaining that quality of life and great level of service to our residents."

Roth also mentioned how several businesses are reinvesting by expanding, rather than moving away. , in Fairlawn Town Centre, plans to expand down to the building. Lucky Shoes will move to the opposite end of the plaza into and expand into vacant store fronts. Pet Supplies "Plus" will move next door to into the former Circuit City building.


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