Kelley Williams-Bolar's Fight for Education

Williams-Bolar was caught falsifying documents so her children could attend Copley-Fairlawn schools.

Kelley Williams-Bolar is halfway through her two-year probation sentence for falsifying documents that allowed her children to attend Copley-Fairlawn schools last year.

The Williams-Bolar case was presented to the Summit County Prosecutor by Schools after an investigator hired by the district discovered that her two daughters did not live with their grandparents, as the mother had claimed.

Williams-Bolar was also sentenced to 10 days in Summit County Jail and received two years probation and community service for two counts of tampering with records.

Since then, Williams-Bolar has been speaking out about her case and fighting to get her two daughters educated.

Read more about Williams-Bolar's changing path on ColorLines: News for Action.


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