Have You Donated to the Panhandlers? (Poll)

Several panhandlers stake out Fairlawn's corners asking for donations. Have you donated?

Panhandlers have taken to many of Fairlawn's street corners bearing signs asking for work or money for their families. City officials are working to pass legislation that will , but we want to know if you've helped their cause.

Have you ever donated to the panhandlers? Do you do it on a regular basis? If not, tell us why in the comments.

Steven Combs March 27, 2012 at 11:26 AM
I have not, and will not donate to panhandlers. Regardless if they're legitimate, I put my money towards organizations that help people in those positions. Giving straight to panhandlers helps nothing, it only give them money to get a bottle of booze, to buy a heap of lottery tickets, or maybe even enough to put gas in the Cadillac parked across the street.
Jennie Bergemann April 09, 2012 at 02:12 AM
I have not donated to panhandlers because I used to live in Chicago and learned many, many of them beg for money to buy alcohol and/or drugs. Also, I learned that young people who panhandle in Chicago could make as much as $400 in a day because people feel sorry for them. A kid who used to beg told me that most of the kids are scamming people out of their money.. Also it's a relatively easy way to make money because all you have to do is sit or stand on one spot for a number of hours a day.. I saw one man wear a cast on his leg for the six months I passed the spot where he'd be. Of course if you break a bone it takes a lot less than 6 months to heal, so he had a removable case that he used just for begging. There is often a couple at at the intersection of Market and Springside Dr. in Montrose. The woman is in a wheelchair and the man stands close to the road with his sign. A person I know saw this couple at the checkout at Cracker Barrel. The two of them ate $55 worth of food. Seems like a lot of money to spend on one meal if you're so broke you have to beg. I'm very skeptical.
marge capps May 02, 2012 at 12:43 PM
Most of us have been thru hard times and we would work 2 jobs to get thru it As i drive around town I see help wanted sighns up in several places the 2 that got into an fight and went to the hospital......so you and I have to pay for that bill!!!!!! And I am now paying several thousand for my husbands cancer treatment and YES we do have ins, GO GET A JOB PANHANDLERS I DO NOT PLAN TO SUPPORT YOU


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