Fairlawn Council, Mayor Pleased With State of the City

Mayor William Roth gave his State of the City Address at Monday's council meeting.


Mayor William Roth had nothing but good news at Monday night's council meeting, where he gave his State of the City Address.

He originally gave his speech , so we're going to bring it to you again, in the condensed version.

• City revenues were up 6.2 percent higher in 2011 than 2010, which puts the city back on 2008, pre-recession levels.

• City officials were able to renegotiate contracts with city unions and insurance companies to include a zero percent increase in health care benefits. This will save the city $100,000, Roth said.

• For the third year in the row, Roth and city council have managed to set this year's budget at 2 percent less than the year before. Roth said he realizes it's time for the city to do more with less.

• There are several city positions open because of retirement, and Roth plans to either hire from within or hire a part-time employee to save the city money.

• An audit from the state found the city's finances to be in order.

• The received 66,116 calls for service last year, which is down 2 percent from last year. The detective bureau's success rate, despite the retirement of one detective, was greater than 55 percent.

• Larceny crimes are up this year (mainly shoplifting), which Roth attributes to the economy. A large number of the larceny crimes were committed by juveniles, he said.

• The majority of calls to the were medical, and the number dropped from 1,566 to 1,552.

• Because of the mild start to the 2011 winter, the city was able to save $70,000 in overtime costs and salt.

• The were not a huge success last year because of the rainy summer, but the city has plans to start them again in the same place with fortified soil.

• The was successful in raising enough money to host a Fourth of July parade and fireworks. The Foundation is looking for those donations again and also on what residents need to make living in Fairlawn the best it can be.

• Roth said several businesses are reinvesting in the community by expanding, rather than moving away. , in Fairlawn Town Centre, plans to expand down into the building. Lucky Shoes will move to the opposite end of the plaza into and expand into vacant store fronts. Pet Supplies "Plus" will move next door to into half of the former Circuit City building.


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