Bath Administrator Will Retire to Protect Pension, Asks to be Rehired

Bill Snow announced his retirement Monday.

At Monday's Trustees meeting Township Administrator Bill Snow asked trustees to accept his retirement. He has been township administrator since 2000.

Snow has more than 30 years of service in the public sector, and started his career in Bath Township as a fire fighter in 1982.  

Snow said he is not retiring because of anything that is happening in the township, but because he has to protect his best interest with the changes in Ohio Public Employee's Pension plan happening at the state level.

The state wants to make the following changes to "maintain the fund's financial strength, according to OPERS: increase retirement age, increase years of service and reduce the cost of living adjustments.

OPERS provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits for public employees throughout the state and serves more than 985,000 people.

"Make no mistake about the issues," Snow said in his letter. "The State is changing the rules of the pension fund that is driving this change, and again residents of the Township are being directly affected by the actions of state government."

See a copy of his retirement letter above.

At the end of his letter, Snow asks trustees to consider rehiring him for the same position. Snow officially retires August 31, and the trustees have until then to decide if they want to rehire him.

If Snow were rehired, he would receive a monthly paycheck from the state and the township.

"Bill has done a tremendous job for Bath and he's continuing to do a tremendous job," said Trustee Becky Corbett. "We accept his resignation with regret. He would be affected by these changes if he didn't take action now."

Paul June 21, 2012 at 01:58 PM
This is a regrettable situation, but when I vote for trustees, I expect them to discourage double dippers. Maybe it's time for a fresh (new person) approach to township administration. I'm sure there are plenty of qualified candidates who will actually need the income. Surely they would be more inspired than a double dipper who has a safety net just in case their performance dips.


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