Walmart Shoplifter Threatens Police Officer's Life

Information provided by the Fairlawn Police Department.

The security guard at watched a man take three pairs of shorts off the shelf and hide them in his jacket on May 13, according to a report.

Derek Sampson, 50, of Akron, tried to walk out of the store with the shorts, but the security guard met him at the exit and confronted him, the report said. Sampson told the man "You can have your stuff back," and walked back into the store.

Sampson left the shorts in the shoe department, and left the store again, this time walking up one of the exit ramps, the report said. Fairlawn officers spotted Sampson and arrested him for theft.

According to the police report, once Sampson was in the cruiser, he had this conversation with the police officer:

Sampson: "You’re a dead man."

The officer: "Excuse me?"

Sampson: "I don’t talk to dead men."

Officer: "Is that a threat?"

Sampson: "You take it however you want to."

Officer: "I tried to be fair with you, I just needed some cooperation."

Sampson: "I don’t talk to dead men."

After that conversation, officers charged Sampson with aggravated menacing and booked him into the Summit County Jail.


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