Three Fairlawn Panhandling Applications Get the OK from Police

The Fairlawn Police Department has received five applications, and so far, three have passed background checks.

The has received a total of five applications from people who want to panhandle in the city. Of those five, three will likely be approved, said police Chief Kenneth Walsh.

The other two are still being processed, Walsh said.

Anyone wanting to panhandling in , according to newly passed legislation.

If they pass the background check, the panhandler is not allowed to stand within 25 feet of an intersection, business entry or exit, school, church, ATM, bank or bus stop. They must also wear panhandling credentials on their outer most layer of clothing.

Since the legislation was passed, police have cited only one person for panhandling without a license.

"We've gotten a lot of positive comments from people driving through the business district," Walsh said. "A lot of people are glad this program is in place."

With the registration requirement in place, many of Fairlawn's panhandlers made their way onto Bath Township corners. At first, there were , but Chief Michael McNeely said there haven't been any fights since.

He said his officers will continue to keep an eye on panhandlers to make sure they don't disrupt traffic.


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