Pepper Spray & a Flirtatious Suspect: Best of the Blotter

The most bizarre police reports from departments throughout Northeast Ohio.

Here are some of this week's weird calls and charges from Northeast Ohio. All information was provided by police reports from departments in Patch communities.

Sprayed cab customer: An intoxicated Brecksville man his cab driver, and got pepper sprayed for it.

The driver told the man failed to pay his bill on May 17 and had threatened him twice. The driver sprayed the man once in the car and again when the man exited the taxi and kicked it.

The man kept making threats once police arrived. He was eventually charged with menacing, petty theft and disorderly conduct by intoxication.

Police said he fell asleep at the station.

Flirtatious urination: arrested a Lorain woman earlier this month — after she urinated on herself and .

Police pulled her over on Interstate 90 and found an open bottle of Jagermeister in the car. She had already urinated on herself and admitted to smoking PCP and taking prescription drugs. Then she tried to charm her way out of the arrest she knew was coming.

Police said she told the officers they were "so handsome."

She refused a blood test and was given four charges, including drunken driving and an open-container violation.

Just a smoke: An customer was likely relieved that an intruder didn't steal anything from his car. Instead, he was perturbed by an .

The victim told that he could smell cigarette smoke in his car after a workout. Some of his belongings were found on the floor, but nothing was missing. Police simply advised the man to start locking his doors.

They come in all ages: An arrest on May 15 in Cleveland Heights shows that there is no age restriction when it comes to suspects.

arrested Ralph Garner, a 64-year-old East Cleveland resident, after he allegedly tried to at least two homes. A woman on Vandemar Street said Garner tried to force his way into her home after she wouldn't believe a fabricated excuse for his presence.

Police charged Garner with attempted burglary.

Huffing in the bathroom: Theft is theft, even when cleanser is the item in question.

charged a woman with theft and abusing harmful intoxicants on May 20. Officers found her after the bathroom that she didn't pay for.

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