Medina Line Juveniles Caught with 9 Marijuana Pipes at Party

Information provided by the Bath Township Police Department.

On June 20, a was patrolling on Medina Line Road when he came across a car at a party parked against the flow of traffic, a report said.

The officer pulled over and walked up to the home where the car was parked in an attempt to find the driver, the report said. When the officer walked into the garage, he found several pieces of illegal drug contraband sitting on a table.

Officers found nine marijuana pipes, two marijuana grinders, and a marijuana cigarette roller, according to the report. When a juvenile saw the police officer in the garage, he admitted the contraband was his.

The officer charged two juveniles with possession of drug paraphernalia and they were released to their parents.

Drake Alvarez June 25, 2012 at 09:45 PM
Ridiculous! That is really going to keep the marijuana away! It's just going to cause much strife for parents, kids, give kids a record, that will follow them for years, and instill fines their parents will have to pay, and force them to take off work to attend court to pay them! More lost productivity. The war on drugs has been lost! Nixon is DEAD! As is his legacy, unless you count everything that we feel may be wrong with our society, has a "gate" suffix added. Let's call this "Pipegate" It is a big bureaucracy that gives police, prosecutors, judges, jailers, and people that build jails, more job security. Just legalize marijuana, or medical legalize it, like so many states have. With more on the way. And oh, how they love that revenue in their coffers, don't they? I have never seen marijuana stopped in my lifetime. I don't use it, but if I chose to, I could find it in a day. And kids seem to get it at will. We voted in gambling when we needed revenue after failing countless times. Where do they build a casino? Where Higbee's was for decades, and where "The Christmas Story" was filmed. Great message there. Gambling can be as addictive as any drug. They only found paraphernalia. Where is the marijuana? Ohio was the 39th state to make texting while driving illegal....the 39th! That is extremely dangerous. Who is kidding who here?
Blake Cisco June 26, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Agreed Drake! I don't use it either, but I don't see the big deal over those who do. It's a plant, right? I think it's pretty obvious that keeping it illegal is simply a way for law enforcement to generate revenue and destroy lives over something so petty. Shame.
Concerned Parent July 06, 2012 at 12:58 AM
Hey guys, these kids are dealers -- they'll sell their weed to your kids too if they have a chance. And, "no pot" was found, but the residence wasn't searched. As for the parents, if they were so naive and 'unintelligent' as to Not Know this about their kids then, well, they deserve a little grief, cost and a show up at court. I'm sure they are in denial, but they knew. Yep, it's a plant all right, and these kids are about as smart as a plant. Add that to the "non-parents" involved and you've got trouble. Your tax dollars will subsidize the bill. Don't see why it's not legal now and I think it will be legalized, productionalized, 'enhanced' with deadly chemicals and sold with tax levels exceeding cigarettes. Hey, maybe it can be grown on huge pot farms in poor countries where the workers are paid 25 cents a day! Whoopee! Wouldn't that make you happy? Unfortunately, when its legalized juvenilles won't be able to buy it and the 'tobacco' companies will profit while you watch your kids, friends, significant other, etc. lose their motivation, gorge on 'munchies' and late-night junk food and mooch even more off your tax dollars for the rest of their lives. Good luck with your fantasies about marijuana being "no big deal".


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