Man Charged for Leaving Dog in Hot Car: Police Blotter

The following information was provided by the Fairlawn Police Department

An 18-year-old Fairlawn man was charged with animal cruelty -- a second-degree misdemeanor -- for leaving a puppy in a car on a hot day.

Police were called to the Rosemont Country Club about 4 p.m. June 26 by someone concerned about a dog left in a car.

Officers found the windows were cracked about an inch, but said the dog was in a carrier, panting and whining.

The owner was located in the pool area 24 minutes after police arrived, and he acknowledged he'd been there about an hour and a half, a report said.

He told police the dog had water, but officers found it was outside the cage and not accessible to the young dog. 

The teen also said he returned to the car every few minutes to give the dog water, but couldn't pinpoint the last time he'd done so. 

He also said he couldn't let the dog loose in the vehicle because he wasn't paper-trained yet. 

Officers, noting the outside temperature was 81 degrees and that the vehicle was parked in direct sunlight, charged with man with cruelty to animals.


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