Hittin the Bottle: Two Revere High Students Come to School Drunk

Information provided by the Bath Township Police Department.

On April 26, Principal Phil King called the about two sophomores who came school drunk, according to a report.

King kept the students in his office and when police arrived, the boys were asked to perform sobriety tests, said Bath police Chief Michael McNeely. The boys performed poorly and argued with police and King.

Each boy took a breath test, and one blew a .175 and the other blew a .082, McNeely said.

Both boys were released to their parents and cited with prohibitions and underage consumption, the chief said.


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Anonymous May 11, 2012 at 02:01 AM
I am strongly disappointed in your misrepresentation of facts on the Revere students. You would think that when writing about minors you would be extra careful in getting your facts straight. The boys you portray in this article are not sophomores. Also, in your article that is only 95 words long you have multiple typos. Reading this makes me question if you even take the time to revise your articles, let alone take the time to publish correct information. Another issue I have is where you say, “It didn’t take long for two Revere High sophomores to get busted after they arrived at school drunk. Oops…” This situation is sad, but for you to write “Oops” like your publication is some sort of celebrity tabloid is disrespectful. The boys were volunteering at an after school event when this happened. You give misleading and false information. I suggest you get all your facts straight and possibly even REREAD the article before you publish it.
Megan Rozsa May 11, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Anonymous: I can only report the information as it was presented to me in the police report and from the police chief, who I quoted in the story. I can't make these things up if that's what it says in the report. I'm sorry if you think this article is unfair, I reported the facts as they were reported to me and I didn't name the boys so it doesn't identify them in any way. I'm sorry about the "multiple typos," I only managed to find one, and it has been corrected in the story. Thanks for reading!


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