Drugged Man Attempts Flat Tire Fix, Removes Wrong Tire

Information provided by the Bath Township Police Department.

On Feb. 17, aofficer found a man standing beside a running car that had been driven into a flower bed outside Hamed Oriental Rugs, according to a Bath police report.

When the officer began talking to the man, he showed numerous signs of intoxication and told several stories about how he ended up in the flower bed. His car was disabled because of a flat tire, and in an attempt to fix it, the man removed the wrong tire, the report said.

The man provided the officer with a fake identity at first, but then gave his real name to reveal he had a driving suspension and a couple active warrants. When police searched him, they found a syringe and a spoon, which he admitted to using to inject crushed muscle relaxer pills.

Police charged the man with obstructing official business, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to reinstate his license. He was issued a summons for court.


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