Hiring? The 50-Plus Candidate Offers Great Advantages; Find Them at www.Nifty50s.com

A new local website has been launched that helps employers find seasoned, reliable workers over age 50, and assists older job seekers in finding opportunities for later-career candidates.

A new NEOhio website has been launched that helps local employers find seasoned, reliable workers over 50, and assists experienced job seekers in finding opportunities for later-career candidates. 

Called Nifty50s (www.nifty50s.com), the site’s creators were inspired after speaking with dozens of hiring managers at career fairs who shared that older workers were often their hire of choice for a variety of solid business reasons.

They're practical, mature, accomplished, prepared and ready to hit the ground running.  A 2009 Boston College survey of HR managers stated “late-career employees were perceived most positively . . . with regard to having low turnover rates, having a strong work ethic, being reliable, and being loyal . . . in comparison to early- and mid-career employees.”

Employers can post their jobs for free on Nifty50s; and can be confident that the job seekers who will be viewing those postings are pre-qualified: experienced, older applicants interested in a great fit with a company that values their work history.

And these older workers aren’t in a hurry to go anywhere soon.  They remain at their companies longer than early-career hires, and large numbers of baby boomers want to keep on working far beyond age 62 or 65.

Hiring managers can also search through the website’s over-50 applicant database for candidates with specific industry experience, job skills, education, geographic preferences and more.

Job seekers who are over 50 can subscribe to www.nifty50s.com, paying a low monthly fee.  Instead of being locked into a 12-month contract, the site anticipates that job seekers want to land that great new position quickly – and be out of the job market relatively fast.

“Job seeker subscribers can search for employers who have listed their positions with us, and apply directly to those HR departments,” explains Jim Tabaczynski, Offensive Coordinator for www.Nifty50s.com

Nifty50s launched two weeks ago, and is currently focusing on getting the word out to employers who are open to hiring candidates in this age group.

“We feel the site is a real value to local companies.  Just by registering at www.Nifty50s.com, employers will be able to post their job openings for free, which can save thousands of dollars every year in placement costs,” adds Tabaczynski.

Questions about the employment/candidate site can be directed to jptab@nifty50s.com.

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KC November 17, 2011 at 05:38 AM
This is an age group that is particularly hard hit with this Depression and I don't use the term lightly.
Ken Palosi November 17, 2011 at 02:20 PM
I am sorry but this story doesn't jive with the real world that I have encountered. Once I turned 50 it seemed as though personnel managers thought I had become brain dead. Each job I was able to get was a struggle to land, even the most menial ones. It further complicated because I have a pension and most employers think that I should be willing to work for less than my labors are worth because I do have an income. It is frustrating because I feel that I still have something to offer and would like to be a contributing member of society instead of being pushed off to the side and expected to go quietly into that good night.
Kelly Blazek November 17, 2011 at 09:47 PM
The job search has changed tremendously since you and I entered the workforce Ken, and one huge gamechanger is LinkedIn. Salaried job seekers that balk at creating an online, 24-7 profile with a healthy number of connections, and results-packed summaries of prior positions are allowing their competition (younger, older, less talented, whatever) to make a better impression on today's generation of HR screeners and headhunters, who rely on LinkedIn to verify online and mailed resumes and search for a candidate pipeline. Does one's LinkedIn presence say "I'm up to date with today's online technology" or is it saying "computers overwhelm me, I have no connections, and I refuse to do this?" I'm not saying LinkedIn guarantees results, but there's no reason to overlook a free, simple tool that advertises your qualities while you are sleeping, washing the dishes, or swearing at the Browns. I'm living proof that LinkedIn can land you a job at post-45 years old (although some might dispute that I've always been brain dead, at any age!). If you aren't on it already, I hope you'll consider utilizing this tremendous job search tool. Good luck.
Ken Palosi November 17, 2011 at 09:59 PM
Thanks for the tip Kelly. I do have a LinkedIn account but haven't done much with it. Up until now I have been much too discouraged to even look for work. I am too old for meaningful work and too young to become a door greeter. Another facet is that considering the current economic situation I don't want to take away even a menial lower paying job from someone who needs it to feed his or hers family. There are far too many people out there who are working two or three part-time jobs just to get by and while I could use some extra money the wolf isn't at the door, but sometimes I can hear his footsteps on the sidewalk.
Holly Barnes November 19, 2011 at 05:50 PM
Businesses are able to post jobs for free on Patch! Why not advertise in your neighborhood and hire a neighbor? Classifieds are free on Patch and sit under the "More" tab.
Donna November 21, 2011 at 12:42 PM
Given the economy and the difficulties sometimes encountered by this age group, it's a shame job-seekers have to pay $9.95/month or $119/year to use this site yet businesses list positions for free. The website goes to great lengths to minimize this automatically renewing commitment and while it's not significant, it's still something that could be difficult for an unemployed worker to bear. This model has been successful at sites offering $100K+ positions but I doubt this is the case at the local level. That said, I hope those who do invest in this opportunity are successful in securing a job.
John S December 10, 2011 at 04:46 AM
Worried about site. POSSIBLE SCAM!!! Doesn't say how many employers are registered to look for employees, or how many jobs are posted on site. There is no satisfaction guarantee. I know the owners of site cannot guarantee a job, but they can guarantee satisfaction. Several weeks ago I contacted site using e-mail address address provided to ask for numbers of registered employers and job posting, and if there was any satisfaction guarantee. NO RESPONSE. How unprofessional is that??? Especially for a new business that is charging for its services. Not the kind of people to whom I want to give my money. BE CAREFUL AND CAUTIOUS. Once you give them your credit card number, I wonder if they will ever stop charging you.
Kelly Blazek December 10, 2011 at 10:53 PM
Hello John - can we get in touch offline? I contacted the site owner and he never received an e-mail which he's very certain you sent - there's a possible glitch in the mail forwarding set up of this new site and he does want to respond to your questions (and he would have originally if it came through). I've known the owner for years, this isn't a scam. The site just received publicity this week in the Plain Dealer. My e-mail is listed at http://fairlawn-bath.patch.com/users/kelly-blazek


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