Reader's Digest Looking for 'Most Interesting Town in America'

Nominate Fairlawn or Bath Township by submitting a story explaining why it's the nation's most interesting community.

One of the nation's most widely read magazines is asking readers to submit their towns for a contest naming the most interesting locale in America.

Reader's Digest is asking residents in communities across the country to nominate their town for the magazine's "America's Most Interesting Town" contest.

It works like this: to nominate Fairlawn or Bath Township, a resident would write a story — or a letter to-the-editor style piece — explaining why they think Fairlawn or Bath is the most interesting town in America. Then, you submit your letter to Reader's Digest's phase two of it's "We Hear You America" campaign.

The winner will get their town on the cover of an upcoming Reader's Digest issue and $1,000. Winners are based on votes on the magazine's contest website. You have until May 31 to submit a community and vote for it.

Ashley Gabriel, a spokesperson for Reader's Digest, said the "We Hear You America" campaign is a grassroots effort the magazine started "that serves as a catalyst to empower Americans to help their communities."

Gabriel said the magazine already picked several winners as part of the first phase of the campaign.

"Based on the excitement and community involvement in phase 1, Reader’s Digest decided to extend the campaign by creating phase 2," she said. "You can vote for your town until May 31, as well as get locals to post stories about what makes (Fairlawn or Bath Township) the 'Most Interesting Town in America.' In order for a town to be a contender to win the $1,000 and the cover story on an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest, there must be a story posted about why the town is interesting."

I can think of several reasons Fairlawn and Bath are so interesting, from Fairlawn's boom out of the recession and ongoing economic development to Bath Township's beautiful park system and the many township groups that keep them going.

What do you love about Fairlawn or Bath Township?


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