Local Business Profile: Scott’s Custom Jewelers

Computer aided design allows customers to help create their jewelry.

A young – and broke – college student wanted a special ring to propose to his girlfriend, an aspiring singer and actress who was trying to get a break on Broadway.

With a small diamond and a lot of creativity, Scott’s Custom Jewelers helped him craft a ring that made her cry – and say yes.

Making custom jewelry affordable is what sets Scott’s Custom Jewelers apart, said Beth Cevasco who, along with husband Scott, owns the business. “Custom design the way we do it is not expensive. Custom means it fits your budget, too,” Cevasco said. Technology makes it much more attainable and affordable, she added.

In the college student’s case, the wedding band and engagement ring fit together to make a musical score with notes to the melody of his fiancée’s audition song. Only after they were married and the two rings joined, was the line of music complete, Cevasco said.

Everyone in the store contributed to the creative part of that project, she said. “It wasn’t expensive, but it was really meaningful. We’re just able to do some really cool things,” she added.

Scott’s Custom Jewelers uses a computer aided drawing (CAD) system to do custom designs, something that is unusual in the business and much less expensive than the traditional wax model method, Cevasco said.

Many customers bring in old jewelry they want updated. The CAD system measures the stones to fit the new design and the old gold is recycled and its value credited toward the customer’s new piece, Cevasco said.

“We really value personal service. Our customers are our friends. We have a party here every day,” Cevasco added.

How long have you been in business?

Scott Cevasco is a third-generation jeweler. His grandfather opened a jewelry store in North Hill almost 85 years ago and Scott got his start in his father’s Tallmadge jewelry business. Scott opened his first jewelry store, Downtown Jewelers, in downtown Akron about 11 years ago. He and Beth changed the name of their business to Scott’s Custom Jewelers and moved to Fairlawn almost seven years ago.

How many people are employed?

Scott’s Custom Jewelers employs 10 people in its two locations – Fairlawn and its new Columbus custom design studio. Beth and Scott work full-time in the business. They employ a bench jeweler almost full time and the rest are part-time sales staff.

Where is the company headquartered?

The company is headquartered in Fairlawn at 55 Ghent Road in the same plaza as . The business moved across the plaza earlier this year to space that could better accommodate its showroom and its manufacturing operation, Beth Cevasco said.

What is your product/service?

Custom design jewelry makes up 95 percent of their business, Beth Cevasco said. The store has cases of ready-made jewelry that was designed and manufactured by Scott’s Custom Jewelry as well as some “fun, funky” sterling silver pieces that are brought in, she said.

Most customers bring in old pieces they want remade, but the business also designs and manufactures a lot of custom engagement rings where the customer buys the stone from Scott’s, Beth Cevasco said. There is no charge for the design work and pieces are priced on a cost-plus basis, she added.

The CAD system allows them to create a polymer model of the piece before it is cast, showing customers exactly what the finished piece will look like. “The whole basis of the business is no surprises,” Beth Cevasco said. She estimates the store gets one return a year. “It’s such a satisfying business to be in,” she said.

What is your goal for the company?

Beth Cevasco said their goal is to make custom design affordable and available for everyone. In addition, she said she would like to see the business expand into other markets.

Hours for the Fairlawn location are 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Thursday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday. The store is closed Sunday and Monday. The Columbus location is open by appointment.


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