Kent Patch Readers React to Silver Oaks Eviction Notices

Silver Oaks sold to firm, residents given 60 days to move

Residents of the 55-and-older retirement community on Horning Road were given a . Letters to residents indicated the community had been sold to Capstone Building Corp., a rental management firm from Birmingham, AL.

There are also rumors the allotment sold to the university to help house a record number of freshmen, but administrators deny involvement.

Close to 250 people live in the community, and many of you sounded off on our page. Here's what you had to say:

Kim Grimes

My Grandparents are in their mid 80's and have happily called Silver Oaks home for over 8 years. I think it is horrible what they are doing to these seniors! 60 days notice is nothing especially if there is no family to help in the search for a new home and then to help move!! Very sad situation!!!!

Frank Mueller 

60 days notice is ridiculous for tenants who have lived there for many years. Yet it is no surprise that unscrupulous investors are attracted to the Kent student housing market, seeing the university's emphasis on growing student numbers at any price. And KSU is not helping the situation with its plants to wreck the large Allerton apartment complex without any plans for replacement.

Harold Brown

My mother is eighty nine and lives at Silver Oaks and she has not been notified yet. I can not believe that management didn't know about this for awhile and to treat the Senior citizens this way is appalling. They have some wonderful people working their to assist the elderly, but someone just underscored that with 30 pieces of silver. Enjoy.

Jessica Johnson Salamon

It's not just having to move that is going to high inconvenience these seniors, rent in Kent is really high even for single bedroom apartments. They are going to have to readjust their budgets and expectations if they wish to remain local. This will also affect the other non-seniors who are seeking rental dwellings at the same time as this move out, I am sure there are more than a few landlords whose rent will vary in according to the increased demand for housing.

Diana Walters

What a travesty for those people living in Silver Oaks! My sister moved in only 3 months ago from a house in PA. Now after this short time she has to try to find another apt. to rent and repack all her belongings to move again. I feel sure that the staff knew of this deal at that time but told her she could sign a years lease?? Many of the elderly folks that live there have no one to help them find new lodging and/or help in packing and setting up a new place to live. No one at Kent State knew about all this??? I find that hard to believe as Kent State is very involved in what's happening in Kent. This whole thing stinks of dishonesty and unfair practices. I hope the city government gets involved to help out our senior citizens.

Chip Souza

I trust the community will organize to protect the seniors homes. Hopefully, there will be some college students that learn about the problem, and get involved, as well.

250 over age 65 given 60 day eviction notices? Did they think that no one would notice?

That's quite an impact for that kind of decision - in any size town.

Jon Ridinger July 28, 2011 at 01:26 AM
Sorry, I don't have every detail, but my main point is that the main relationship between Kent and KSU is FAR better than it ever has been. Does anyone really want to go back to the way it was where downtown is dead and the university has a figurative wall around it? Doesn't mean everything that happens from here on in is going to be stuff we like or is good, but we always seem to have this anti-KSU crowd who seem to believe that *everything* KSU does is evil. How does KSU benefit from Silver Oaks being student housing? Really, how does it benefit? How does it benefit directly from ANY private student housing? If students choose to live off campus, it's not like KSU gets a cut from their rent. In fact, the only entities that stand to directly gain from any increased property values would be the city and school district; not KSU. Do people really think that evil old Lester Lefton and the KSU trustees went to Silver Oaks to conspire to drive all those old folks out in the streets? Really? And let me again reiterate: I am NO fan of Lester Lefton and think his raises are a disgrace. That said, I don't see the connection here beyond heresay. If someone has some actual hard evidence to back up the claim that KSU was a player in this (beyond "we saw someone matching Lefton's description at Silver Oaks in February!!") by all means, please present it. Let's get past the emotion and skip to the facts please.
David Badagnani July 28, 2011 at 01:38 AM
Again, we don't know, Jon--it would be great to have these answers directly from KSU. Your constant use of all capital letters suggests that you are awfully angry about something, perhaps your own eviction which you have mentioned several times now. But you are a third the age of some of the seniors of Silver Oaks, so it really isn't comparable.
Jon Ridinger July 28, 2011 at 01:48 AM
My "constant use of capital letters?" Really? I've used them on the word "NO" and once on the word "FAR". It's in place of using italics or bold since they are not available in these comment boxes. If you dig a little online, you'll find it is fairly standard chat protocol to use caps for emphasis. Using all caps for an entire sentence is considered shouting; not one word. Please do not try to read emotions into my comments that are not there. I am trying to get the emotion *OUT* (all caps for emphasis!) of this whole debate. Most of what I'm reading is about this "evil" company that is deliberately out to hurt senior citizens and all these charges towards KSU that have nothing beyond heresay.
Jon Ridinger July 28, 2011 at 02:00 AM
"Again, we don't know, Jon--it would be great to have these answers directly from KSU." If we don't know, then that's all we can say instead of wildly speculating and generating even more anger. And does anyone really think KSU is going to say anything beyond what they've already said, which is that they had nothing to do with the sale? What if it's true? I'm just not seeing how Capstone buying this and investing in it benefits KSU directly in any way, especially since it won't even be available to students until Summer 2012. And speaking as someone who was in college relatively recently, KSU closing dorms isn't the cause of this. The closure of dorms is a result of the changing market for student housing and the cost to renovate dorms. When students look at overall costs and benefits, living in an apartment or house near campus--with your own bathroom, kitchen, and in some cases washer and dryer--is often more favorable in terms of cost and freedom than living in the typical dorm rooms on campus. Even if KSU built a whole bunch of new dorms, chances are they wouldn't be able to compete with most of the apartments near campus.
Mary Dander July 28, 2011 at 06:36 PM
This is so sad. Bottom line is the parents of these new KSU students can pay whatever amount of money these apts will bring in. Doesn't anyone think this is wrong? What about the stress those elderly folks must be feeling wondering where they will go? Shameful. Maybe KSU should have kept that small group of dorms on the corner of Loop and Summit instead of tearing them down a few years back. They could have housed the students there or isn't it nice enough for some of these so spoiled college kids? Isn't that land bare now? Build some dorms on that. It is all about greed in this country.


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