I of the Needle Corners the Needlepoint Market in Fairlawn

Needlepoint enthusiasts find all they need from basic supplies to specialty threads.

may have been closed on , but it did just fine the following Saturday, said owner Laurel Greenberg.

That Saturday's business "included out-of-town shoppers who were in the area for Thanksgiving," Greenberg explained.

She covered herself for Black Friday; she left a message on her answering machine letting her customers know that she would be closed.

I of the Needle is the only store of its kind Akron; one where needlepointers can find all their project needs. Greenberg's store has been located in Fairlawn's Wyant Buildings since 1989. A former schoolteacher from Bath Township, Greenberg funded I of the Needle with her subbing money.

She's turned the hobby she's been doing since 1971 into a thriving business.

Needlepoint enthusiasts come to the store to buy basic supplies such as scissors, frames and stretcher bars for their projects. The also find hand-painted canvases and threads that include silks, cottons, metallics and even eco-friendly bamboo. Some of Greenberg's more popular threads are Vineyard Silks, Silk and Ivory, and over-dyed threads such as ThreadWorx and Watercolours.

The store also offers a finishing service for pillows, Christmas stockings, ornaments and more.

Greenberg says she's been busy lately because people have been making things to give as Christmas gifts. And family members and friends of her regular customers have been buying gift certificates. She even had someone from out-of-state call to buy a certificate for a family member.

"I have one customer who comes twice a year to buy his wife a gift certificate for her birthday and Christmas." Greenberg said.

I of the Needle is located at 2858 W. Market St., Ste. H in Fairlawn. Store hours are Tuesday through Friday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., and Saturday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


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