Bites Nearby: First Watch

Hit Summit Mall for a fresh, light and calorie-conscious change of pace for breakfast.

First Watch

When the word “breakfast” gets dropped into a dining out conversation, everyone seems to have their own favorite mom-and-pop stop, with Bob Evans snagging that honorable mention as a consistent chain.

While they can’t be knocked for their down-on-the-farm homestyle meals, many diners long for a fresh, light and calorie-conscious change of pace.

Enter First Watch, a fast-and-flavorful breakfast, brunch and lunch stop in that puts service and sumptuousness above all else.

The ambiance and the friendly staff make it a must-stop. With a wide range of heart healthy menu items, delicious breakfast treats (including made-to-order pancakes) and great midmorning chow like the BLTE sandwich (yep, eggs!) this is breakfast at its level mainstream best.

It’s also a lively, family-friendly stop and after being greeted with your caffeine of choice, your omelet, crispy bacon, savory sausage and other menu items are usually sitting in front of you within ten minutes. Service at First Watch rocks. No waiting around. If you have somewhere to be, count on quick here.

Lightening up never tasted so good either, with menu items like the Key West Crepe (turkey, avocado, bacon, tomatoes and Monterey Jack cheese, topped with sour cream); the Tri-Athlete Omelet and the Power Wrap (egg whites, turkey, spinach and mushrooms) working your palate while watching your waist.

Everything is served with delicious sides, ranging from a fresh fruit salad, to crisp homefries. And that says nothing of lunch options.

Are you a gluten-free type? Lo-carb diner? Ovo-lacto or vegan? Have dairy allergies? Or just watching your weight? First Watch works hard to keep all their diners happy and can map a great meal out for you without a lot of hassle.

And in this day and age, where most chain restaurants are averse to substitutions, that’s a big deal.

Several area locations, including 3265 W. Market St., #775, Fairlawn, 330-835-4076, www.firstwatch.com. $5-$10 for breakfast, $6 to $13 for lunch.

Lindsay McCoy August 05, 2011 at 06:36 PM
I love their breakfast menu. Plenty of healthy options to pick from. I suggest the mushroom caps!


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