New Posche Paws Pet Resort Gives Fido a VIP Vacation

Posche Paws is housed at the former location of Fairlawn Pet Resort.

Who says Fifi and Fido don't need a vacation, too? What about a VIP stay at the area's premier, but affordable, pet resort?

That was Natalie and Joe Parks' mission when they opened Posche Paws Pet Resort and Spa in the former building off Cleveland-Massillon Road.

The resort offers boarding, grooming, training and daycare for dogs and cats, said Natalie Parks, co-owner. There's even an on-site veterinarian in case of emergencies.

"Our daycare is cage-free and open," Natalie Parks smiled. "And it's also a 24/7 operation, which is what a lot of people are looking for. That way their animal isn't alone."

Parks and her husband are entrepreneurs and were looking to open a similar venture in Kentucky. When they called Fairlawn Pet Resort to board their dog while they looked for a house down south, they realized it was closed.

"We were going to board our dog here, and when we realized the pet resort wasn't here, we decided to take over," Natalie said. "We're very excited about this."

The facility features dog suites at $35 a night, or $45 if customers want a suite with a camera. Owners download an app and they can watch their dog play 24/7. The daycare area also has cameras.

Cat condos are available for $23 a night and the Parks' will install a cat playground very soon.

"The (dog) suites are not cages or crates," Natalie Parks said. "I don't know of anyone around here who has that. Usually if dogs can see other dogs, they don't sleep and they're very stressed out."

These suites have concrete walls, and none of them face each other. Each suite has a drain in case of accidents and can be easily cleaned.

In terms of grooming, dogs get the full treatment: a cleaning with Paul Mitchell products, nails trimmed and they can even have their nails painted.

"Everyone here gets an executive suite," Natalie Parks said. "For $35 a night, everyone gets a suite and you don't have to pay an up-charge."

Lobby hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the Parks' encourage anyone to come take a tour at any time.


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